Upcoming December Events of Woodlin Lodge No 30 (PHA)!


Tomorrow Friday December 13, 2013 the Recreation Room will be open and Fish Sandwiches will be on Sale!


December 21, 2013 – Children’s Christmas Party at Carslake Community Center, 324 Farnsworth Avenue, Bordentown New Jersey, 08505 from 10 AM – 1 PM.  Refreshments will be served and age appropriate toys will be given out.  Flier Attached.

 Food baskets for our widows will be given out after the Children’s Christmas Party.

 December 21, 2013 8 PM – 1 AM Cocktail Sip in the Recreation Room.

 December 22, 2013 3:30 PM – Saint John’s Day New Hope Baptist Church, 45 Hampton Street, Metuchen, New Jersey 08840 Assembly time 3:30 PM.

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A Freemason Lodge in the jurisdiction of New Jersey (PHA)

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