Princess Leah Chapter No 23 OES

PRINCESS LEAH CHAPTER No. 23 Order of the Eastern Star
Prince Hall Affilation


Worthy Matron:  Sister Gena Ruff

Worthy Patron:  Brother James Allen, PP

Associate Matron: Sister Sheila Young
Associate Patron:  Brother Ronald Sapp Jr., PP
Conductress:  Sister Donna Hoist
Associate Conductress:  Sister Adrienne Butters
Secretary:  Sister Sarah Fisher, PM
Treasurer:  Sister Marye Ruff, PM
1 Year Trustee:  Sister Darlene Ross, PM
2 Year Trustee:  Sister Beverly Hale, PM
3 Year Trustee:  Sister Barbara Sanders, PM
 Marshall-In-The-East:  Sister Patricia Young, PM
Marshall-In-The-West:   Sister Diane Cropper, PM
Christian Flag Bearer:  Sister Marchelle Coleman
U.S. Flag Bearer:  Sister Lisa Williams
OES Flag Bearer:  Latiesha Henry
Adah:  Sister  Katrina Jones, PM
Ruth:  Sister Jennifer Giles
Esther:  Sister Sherry Leakss
Martha:  Sister Belinda Bridges
Electa:  Sister Briella Taylor
Warder:  Sister Diane Cropper, PM
Chaplin:  Sister Shirley Allen

Sentinel:  Brother Cleophus Robinson II, PP