Our History

Woodlin Lodge No.30
Free and Accepted Masons (PHA)
19 Park Street, Bordentown, N.J.

King Solomon Lodge #8 was amenable to the Compact adjunct in this State of New Jersey, had been warranted in 1852. It was suspended in 1865 and although restored it was inactive by 1875. It was that Lodge that was re-warranted as Woodlin Lodge No. 30.

King Solomon Lodge #8 was renamed Woodlin Lodge in memory of Most Worshipful Joshua Woodlin, Past Grand Master, a member of this re­organized Lodge, who passed on January 8, 1876. The Lodge was re-warranted on May 10, 1875, by the National Grand Lodge body in New Jersey. In March of 1876, the National Grand Lodge was “revived” with M.W. Charles N, Robinson as Grand Master.

Joshua Woodlin was born February 15, 1813 in Attleborough, Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Embracing Christianity in 1832, ordained a Deacon in 1853 and ordained an Elder in 1858. Reverend Joshua Woodlin from whom Woodlin No. 30 commemorates its name, was one of the most influential men in forming “The Most Worshipful Union Grand Lodge of Ancient York Masons for the State of New Jersey and Jurisdiction.” At their Called meeting on June 12, 1848, held in Burlington, N.J., he was elected Recording Grand Secretary. Most Worshipful Woodlin was termed a powerful minister and an earnest Christian. He labored long in the interest of Masonry and his Grand Lodge, culminating, 1850 in his being elected Grand Master of the Premier Grand Lodge in New Jersey, One of his outstanding contributions to Prince Hall Masonry was a forty-seven page pamphlet, The Masonic National Union, published in 1855.

Woodlin Lodge No. 30 had many of its members serve the Grand Lodge in several capacities.    In early days William F. Powell, served as District Deputy Grand Master 1876-1877, advanced to Deputy Grand Master in 1879 and was elected Grand Master in Dec. 1879. Charles W. Campbell, Sr. was Worshipful Master of Woodlin Lodge No. 30 from 1949 1951, elected Grand Trustee in 1964;  R.W. Grand Junior Warden in 1965 and elected Most Worshipful Grand Master 1971  1973.  He was Chairman of C.C.F.C. until 1988. Most Worshipful Campbell passed in 1994.

Woodlin Lodge is proud to have among the list of its outstanding Brothers, one who excelled internationally; Past Master-Lester B. Granger who was Executive Director of the National Urban League 1941 to 1961. His long career with the National Urban League started in 1922, when the then fledgling, largely unknown League was 12 years old and he a graduate of Dartmouth, was 25 years of age.

The following named members of Woodlin Lodge No. 30 are presently or have served the Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of the State of New Jersey, in the capacities shown: R.W. William L. Adams, Sr., Administrative Secretary to the Grand Master, Assist. Grand Secretary,-R.W. John Barham, Grand Pursuiviant; R.W. Robert Barnett, Jr., Grand Photographer; R.W. Sylvester T. Bowman, Junior Grand Steward, Senior Grand Steward; R.W. Evander Boyd, District Grand Lecturer,- R.W. Richard J. English, Assistant Grand Marshall; R.W. Samuel Fussell, Chairman of Data Processing; P.M. Mervin R. Johnson, Grand Council of the of Order Pythagorans,• R.W. Joshua Jones, District Deputy Grand Master,- R.W. Lionel L. Lewis, Sr., Grand Marshall Emeritus; R.W. Andrew A. Maddox, Prince Hall News Bulletin,- P.M. John P. Matlock, Appeals and Grievances; R.W. James L. Noble, Sr,, Grand Master’s Administrative Assistant; R.W. Lewis J. Rigby, District Grand Lecturer; R.W. Fred K. Young, District Grand Lecturer; R.W. William E. Martin, Assistant Grand Marshall; R.W. Michael N. Joy, District Deputy Grand Master; R.W. Cleophus A. Robinson, II, Assistant to C.C.F.C.; R.W. John E. Prewitt, District Deputy Grand Master,- R.W, Nelson B. Simmons, Grand Secretary; r.w, James R, Stewart, District Deputy Grand Master; R.W. Charles F. Williams, District Deputy Grand Master; R.W. William L, Hollis, Assist. Junior Grand Deacon, – R.W. Edward Wallace, Grand Chaplin, R.W. John M. Hargrove Dist. Grand Lecturer; R.W. Hubert G. Brown, District Grand Lecturer and District Deputy Grand Master-at-Large, Chairman of the Medical Department, Chairman of the Custodians of the Work and the Research and Education Committee, R.W. James G. Allen, Grand Secretary; R.W. Michael L. Mclean, District Grand Lecturer, R.W. John W. Grinnage, Jr. as a member of the Home Board, R.W. Gene Ruff, Assist. Grand Treasurer and R.W. Charles S. Gardner Assistant Grand Architect. R.W. George P. McConnell, Assist Grand Marshall and Frank R. Herron, Grand Marshall and R.W. Craig J. Pressley a member of the Grand Charity Committee.

The earliest, located membership list of Woodlin Lodge No. 30 was published in 1877, and reads as follows:

William H. Jackson …………………  Worshipful Master

Phillip v. Wallace …………………….  Senior Warden

Clark W. Layton……………………….. Junior Warden

Albert Thompson …………………………..  Treasurer

William E. Middleton……………………… . Secretary


William F. Powell   Levi Johnson       R.H, Moulton
Henry Cole         George H. Cromwell John H. Thomas
Rev. W. Peterson    W.B. Middleton, Jr. William H. Cromwell
George Martin       James Dean         Robert W. Miller
John Gibson         Henry Williams     Samuel R. Layton
Jesse Loveman      Simion Hughes      James Peterson
Samuel Johnson                           Albert C. Stevens

Woodlin Lodge purchased its present building at 19 Park Street, Bordentown, New Jersey in April of 1969. Woodlin believes in Deity, charity, morality, youth and brotherly love. It sponsors each year a scholastic award, “The Charles w. Campbell, Sr. Scholastic Award.” The Lodge holds an annual Easter Egg hunt for the youth of the area and sponsors Little League teams. It annually presents, Christmas baskets to the area to needy; widows and orphans of Woodlin Lodge members. It initiated, in 1989, a drive in “The Fabulous Fifth Masonic District” that collected and transported relief items, to aid the Disaster victims of Hurricane Hugo, in Ridgeville, South Carolina, under the leadership of Worshipful Master John M. Hargrove. It came to light, in 1990 that one of our members, the late Robert Lee Mullins, was the first African American in the newly integrated United States Army,

Noted at updates of the history of Woodlin Lodge No, 30; in 1978, the membership was (221), in 1989 (111), in 1994 (133), in 2002 (91) in 2006 (69) and presently in 2015 (55)

“Be Active”

“Be Dependable”

“Give Generously”

“Love one Another”

Revised 2015 by,

R.W. Eubert G. Brown

Chairman History Committee